Dispensing Label Orders

We normally send out a reminder at this time of year to request that you order dispensing labels in plenty of time, due to extended lead times during the festive period. That is in a ‘normal’ year.

This year is obviously exceptional – on top of the extended Christmas delays, deliveries to our clients in Ireland are going to be further delayed with the UK’s exit from the EU trade agreement on January 1st. So, please check your label stocks and ensure that you keep enough in reserve for the inevitable delays.

On behalf of everyone at Teleos, may I take this opportunity to wish all of our clients a very safe and happy Christmas – and better 2021!

Kind regards


Teleos Support Service Levels

Firstly, may we pass on our best wishes and hope that you and your colleagues are in good health and staying safe through these unprecedented times.

During this very challenging period, we are conscious that we may not be providing the consistent level of service that you are used to, or can rightly expect, for which we offer our apologies.

As you may appreciate, all but a couple of Teleos staff have been working from home since March. We have not furloughed any staff, but it is clear from our statistics that response times have increased. This is not, in any way, down to staff working less hard, but simply down to a couple of factors. Firstly, support staff working in isolation do not have immediate access to colleagues to review support issues with. Secondly, we have been receiving significantly more calls than normal, as practice staff have been working from home. Each of these staff require VPN connections into their server -which not only requires initial configuration, but also ongoing support when connections fail or staff need their local printers setting up etc. To put this into context, we have set up well in excess of 300 VPN connections since the initial lockdown period. This is effectively an additional 300+ branch surgeries being supported.

We will always strive to deal with issues as quickly and efficiently as possible and, like you, hope for a return to normality as soon as possible. In the meantime, please be assured that we are doing our utmost to provide you with our normal high level of support that you have come to expect.

Finally, may I thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Kind regards

Jon Hewitt

Managing Director

AnimalCare / Identibase Microchip Registration Issues

The Support Team has received numerous calls over recent weeks regarding ‘Invalid Data Errors’ when trying to register AnimalCare and Identibase microchips through Teleos.

Please be aware that this is definitely a problem at their end and, whilst we have been in contact with their IT team, we cannot sort the issues at our end. Teleos is functioning correctly.

We don’t like leaving practices in limbo, but we have spent a great deal of time trying to resolve the issue and there is nothing further we can do. So if you use these microchips (first three digits being 985 and 986) please contact your microchip supplier in the first instance.

We will, of course, continue to do everything we can at our end to reach a speedy resolution.

Something for the weekend?

Cryptic Crosswords from Sean Evans of Teleos Systems

For some time, I have been compiling crossword puzzles and have now made some of them available to try on-line at Madryncrosswords.com. If you enjoy a challenge, give them a try. I would welcome any feedback. The ‘Beasts’ puzzle (madryncrosswords.com/beasts) has a vaguely veterinary theme! 

I would like to offer a crossword compiling service. If you would be interested in bespoke puzzles for use in a publication or newsletter, or maybe as an unusual gift for a crossword lover, please get in touch through the contact form on the website.

Many thanks and have a great weekend!


Important Reminder for ROI clients

As you are no doubt aware, the Irish Government has announced that the Standard rate of VAT is being reduced from 23% to 21% for a 6 month period from 1st September 2020 to 28th February 2021.

It is a very simple process to change the VAT rate:-

  1. Go to the ‘Setup’ channel
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ button
  3. Select ‘VAT Rates’ from the dropdown box
  4. Change the ‘G’ (Goods) rate from 23% to 21% and press ‘Update’.

The change will take place on all workstations with immediate effect.

This is not something that the support team can do for you, but if you have any queries they will, of course, be available to assist. Please put a note in your diaries!

Kind regards


Teleos Team up with Pure Pet Food

We’ve teamed up with Pure Pet Food to make your life easy when it comes to recommending the right nutritious diet to your patients.

Pure is offering the first five practices that sign up £500 worth of free advertising to promote your practice alongside Pure. Not only that Pure offer better margins than any other food provider.

All practice team members will receive a FREE BOX of Pure each and an ongoing discount on their dog’s feeding plan.


  • Simple referrals – Pure is integrated with your Teleos system. When referring a diet, simply click the “Pure Pet Food” button in the post-consultation notes, fill out the short form, and a personalised recommendation is emailed to your patient.
  • Ongoing benefits – Pure rewards you for every time a patient makes a purchase and offers better margins than any other food provider. 
  • No need to hold stock – With Pure, there’s no need to commit to minimum order quantities or hold stock. Refer directly from your PMS system.


Pure makes a range of natural, air-dried dog foods, backed by vets and formulated by nutritionists.

Their recipes are personalised to a dog’s specific life stage, ailments, allergies and intolerances.

Owners simply fill out their dog’s details, and Pure recommends the perfect personalised plan.


Email partnerships@purepetfood.co.uk, to get all the info you need to start making personalised referrals to your patients.



In recent weeks there has been a considerable increase in phishing emails. These are directing to such websites as TV licensing, charity donations for COVID-19 and more recently remote connection software like LogMeIn.

There are some extremely damaging viruses out there called cryptolockers. If infected, you will almost certainly have all of your data encrypted and unrecoverable.

We cannot stress how important up to date antivirus is both in the practice and at home. When home computers are connected, they are joined to the practice network so will pose a risk if not covered.

We are asking all clients to check your antivirus is up to date and has not expired.

To check this:

  1. Disconnect from your Teleos connection by clicking the X on the bar in the top centre of the screen.
  2. Once disconnected look in the bottom right hand corner by the time. You should have either AVG or Avast antivirus, you can tell this by hovering your mouse over them. You will be able to tell quite quickly if these are working just by looking at the icon. If there is a big red cross on them chances are it has expired.

Our Antivirus has now changed. Instead of a one-off fee we now charge £2/€2.30 per month, per computer, billed quarterly. Because the antivirus is continually updated you will not have to change again, and you are only billed per device it’s installed.

Along with traditional Antivirus the extra features included are:

• Antivirus
• Network firewall per endpoint
• Auto containment and sandboxing of unrecognised applications
• VirusScope to keep records of file changes with the possibility of roll back if infected.
• Host-based intrusion prevention system to proactively monitor running programs and stop suspicious behaviour
• Website filtering

This is all controlled centrally by Teleos so any changes that need to be made can be done quickly by us.

If you would like us to update antivirus on any computer please let us know which machine and when we can get on to upgrade.

First Data offer remote payment options

Firstly, may I, on behalf of all Teleos staff, offer you our very best wishes in these unprecedented times. The Teleos software support and SysOps teams are continuing to work from home and provide a good level of service.

Many of you will already be using First Data payment services either through the integrated card terminal, or via another provider. If you are offering remote consultations then you might be interested in their solutions for taking payments from anywhere:-

Virtual Terminal | This is perfect for phone payments – There is an information page on the First Data website as well as a PDF handout. These are classed as Card-Not-Present transactions.

Pay-by-link (Payment URL) | The Payment URL functionality allows the Practice to provide a link to your client (e.g. in an email invoice, WhatsApp message, SMS, QR code, etc). The link takes the customer to a First Data-hosted page to securely make the payment with their preferred payment method, whenever convenient for them. These are classed as e-commerce transactions.

If you are already using the physical integrated card terminal, then you will already be able to take Card-Not-Present payments. If you want to add either of the above payment solutions then it will take just a couple of days to set up. You will need to complete a short form which we can send you if you email enquiries@teleosvet.co.uk

If you are not yet using the integrated terminal then you might want to speak to one of First Data’s team to discuss their offerings. The card terminal saves a great deal of time in reconciliation of your cashbook and they aim to at least match your current deal.

With best wishes, stay safe.

Jon Hewitt

Invoicing from Teleos

Teleos support are continuing to prioritise the setup of remote access. There have been so many requests that some of you may still be waiting. We appreciate your continued patience and will deal with all outstanding requests as soon as possible.
Shortly many practices will want to do their monthly invoice runs. Please bear in mind that any invoices or statements will be sent to the usual printers at the practice unless the Teleos printer settings are changed to a printer in your home. We would not recommend this for bulk printouts for the following reasons:

  • Home printers are not designed to deal with large continuous print jobs.
  • It could be interpreted as a breach of GDPR regulations to print documents with client’s address details off-site.
  • Sending multiple print documents over the broadband link might well put an unworkable strain on the connection.

We would therefore recommend that, if possible, you make arrangements to go into the practice to run your invoices as normal.