Huge Teleos Update

As you are no doubt aware, we are continuously working on improving the Teleos program to make your experience even better. It’s been a huge amount of work and a long time coming, but we are delighted to unveil the latest build of the program, which is a major rework of the client, animal and clinical record cards. 

As you will see, all the information you currently hold is still there, but we’ve also added some exciting new features. Here’s a few of them

• Custom fields can be added to client and animal records
• Multiple email addresses on client record card
• Animal photo can be added to record card
• New search tool provided in clinical notes and financial history
• Work entry scripts allow different colours, font sizes and style
• Items can be directly edited and refunded from the clinical line

One of our support team, Stu, has put together a video which introduces the new features. We’d love you to take a look, 

We’ll be rolling this out to clients over the coming months so please bear with us. If you have any queries, then please get in touch with the support team.