Get Payments via the new Teleos WebPayment Link

We are delighted to announce that we have added a fantastic new feature to Teleos, which allows you to send a request for payment via an SMS text link.

This feature is perfect for social distancing – so you send the payment request once you’ve treated your clients animal, they click on the link and pay. Their record is updated to show they’ve paid and they can collect their pet. Minimum fuss, minimum contact.

You can also embed payment links into Invoices, Fee Notes and Statements!

Andrew Draper of Oak House Veterinary Centre has been trialling the new feature and said:-

” We have been using the Text Payment Link integrated into our Teleos PMS for the last month and our staff have been really impressed with how it has taken the strain from reception – it is quicker and more efficient, allowing less client contact during our Covid lockdown. We have also had a positive feedback from the majority of clients who find it easy to use and similar to systems they are using at other retailers.”

Click here to see a short video of how it works and then contact for further information.